Your Food Stall @ the Capel Show (FAQ)

Interested at having a food stall at our show? Here is some information that may help make up your mind.

Saturday August 17, 2024

Entry and set-up from 8:00h. Earlier if necessary by special arrangement with our event management team.

Classic Vehicle exhibitors arrive from 08:00 and trading may start as early as 08:30h

The show opens to the public at 12:00h and runs unto 17:00h.

Yes. You can find them here.

If the weather is good between 5000 and 6000 people. The busiest period is from 13:00h – 15:30h.

We try to avoid having stalls that offer the same type of food, so there should be a good mix and variety for the public to choose from. All in all there will be some 15 outlets varying from Ice Cream, to sandwiches, African style food, vegetarian/vegan to burgers, and of course soft- and alcoholic drinks.

There’s a £250 non-refundable pitch fee. (unless the show gets cancelled).