Capel Show – Food Stall T&Cs


  1. Fees may consist of two parts: A non-refundable pitch fee and an optional donation based on trade on the day. The donation would be payable when trade has been brisk.
  2. All pitch fees must be paid one week prior to the Show Date, using the registration form on the Capel Show website. Pitch fees are to be paid in full.
  3. Pitch Fees are non-refundable (except in the event of cancellation by the organisers – see cancellation section below).
  4. If you agree to a donation at sign-up, then a donation link will be sent to you after the show to enable you to pay us the trade based donation. We suggest 5% of sales.


  1. All Food Stalls must arrive at the latest ONE hour prior to public opening times. We recommend before 9:00h.
  2. All Food Stall Entry passes are valid for two persons (staff). Additional staff will be required to pay the normal show entry fee.
  3. The show opens to the public at 12:00h and closes at 17:00h
  4. Trading (e.g. with early arrived vehicle exhibitors) may start as soon as your stall is set-up. This may be as early a 08:30h.
  5. Admission is by Stall Holder and vehicle pass emailed to you immediately upon completion of registration
  6. All set-up and deliveries to stalls must be complete 30 minutes before public admission opening times on the day. After unloading, any vehicle not remaining within your stand area must be removed to the public car park.
  7. No Stall Holder vehicle movement is permitted on the showground during public opening hours.
  8. All equipment, display/sale items, vehicles, tents etc, must be kept within your allocated stand area and must not be placed in or intrude into the avenues between stands.
  9. The Capel Show will not provide a mains power connection. If you need mains power you must bring a generator
  10. Only silent generators or battery operated ones are permitted in the event grounds
  11. No form of advertising material may be displayed or distributed anywhere in the grounds other than on your stand, unless by prior permission from the organisers.
  12. Any transaction at the event is between the vendor and purchaser alone; no responsibility is accepted by the organisers.
  13. The organisers reserve the right to refuse access to the event grounds at their absolute discretion.
  14. The organisers reserve the right to eject from or refuse entry to the grounds to anyone who acts in a manner detrimental to the enjoyment of others.
  15. Food Stall admission passes are only valid if issued directly by the Capel Show, or any of its appointed volunteers.
  16. The organisers reserve the right to re-site any Stall Holder at the time of, or before the event, if deemed necessary.


  1. The use of packaging should be minimised as far as possible.
  2. All packaging and utensil material MUST be bio-degradable (i.e. food boxes, plates, cutlery, straws, wrapping, carrier bags etc should be made from e.g. paper or starch products).
  3. Drinks are not allowed to be sold in plastic containers.
  4. All residual waste to be taken away from site by the Stall Holder at the end of the show, unless an optional fee has been paid for the show to dispose of your waste.


  1. The indicated speed limits must be observed when driving anywhere in the showground. Typically this is 5mph.
  2. Marshals’ instructions must be followed at all times
  3. Only silent generators or battery operated ones are permitted in the event grounds. These should have a suitable earth arrangement by spike or earthing plate.
  4. All Stall Holders must adhere to the regulations governing the use of liquid gas cylinders, generators and electrical supplies. In particular and if applicable you must adhere to document No. 102763 “Using Calor Gas safely” (published by Calor Gas Ltd.).
  5. All electrical equipment brought onto site by you must have a current P.A.T. certificate. (Obtained by a certified electrician to show that mains powered equipment and cables are safe & correct.)
  6. All stands with electricity and or gas should have a suitable fire extinguisher available for use at all times.
  7. Severe weather could occur at any time, please make sure that all stalls and marquees are securely weighted down.
  8. It is the responsibility of each Stall Holder to provide any structures as required. It is also the responsibility of the stall holder to ensure that the structure is anchored down suitably for use in high winds, regardless of the weather conditions.
  9. All stands must be safe from hazards (trip hazards, electric shock, overhead cross members etc). It is the Stall Holder’s responsibility to ensure his/her stand is free from hazards and that this is monitored throughout the duration of the event.


  1. At all times when serving food or drinks there must be at least one person present who has a Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate.
  2. For all food stuffs sold an ingredient list identifying allergens must be either displayed or available on demand
  3. Your food business must be registered with your local authority. When you register you must provide us with the URL that links to your registration page at the FSA.
  4. Your food business must have a Food Safety Management System in place as recommended by the FSA.


  1. We require you to have public liability insurance covering this event. Proof will need to be uploaded with your registration.
  2. A Stall Holder is responsible for any and all damage or injury to persons or property as a consequence of their actions, their stand, appliances or any act of omission by them, their staff or contractors.
  3. The organisers are not responsible for the security of vehicles or other goods being offered for sale, prior to, during or after the event. Although every reasonable precaution is taken, the organisers expressly decline responsibility for any loss or damage befalling the property or personnel of any Stall Holder however caused, unless in cases where we have been negligent. It is therefore recommended that Stall Holders insure on an ALL RISK basis all equipment and stock brought to the stand including material hired or borrowed. You may also wish to consider to take out insurance against cancellation or curtailment of the show.
  4. The Capel Show declines responsibility for the loss of or damage to stock or individuals in any way, unless in cases where we have been negligent.


  1. The organisers reserve the right to cancel the intended show at short notice if this is necessary because of an Act of God such as (but not limited to) unusual and catastrophic weather conditions affecting the showground or in the area generally, Government or Local Authority order or request which the organisers are obliged to adhere to or which they consider to be reasonable in the circumstances of the situation. In the event of a complete cancellation the organisers will make a full refund of any payments made and will waive any payments due to be made in receipt of Stall Holder, but shall not be responsible for Stall Holder’s consequential or other losses of whatever kind.
  2. Any Stall Holder having to cancel his/her booking for a stand space should notify the organisers as soon as possible. No refunds will be given.

Capel Show
19 February 2024