Exhibitor Rules

I declare that:

  1. The money I pay is a donation and will allow entry to the show for a vehicle and one passenger.
  2. During the whole period of the show (from arrival in the grounds up-to and including departure from the grounds) the vehicle specified will be covered by third party liability insurance as dictated by the Road Traffic Act (1988) paragraph 143.
  3. The driver(s) of the vehicle specified holds a licence to drive/ride a vehicle of the applicable class.
  4. The vehicle specified will be presented in a clean and safe condition.
  5. I will abide by the marshals’ instructions at all times during the event.
  6. I understand that I will be expected to stay in the show ground with my vehicle until at least 16:00h (subject to weather).
  7. I understand that in the event of a cancellation of the show all monies paid, being donations, will be retained by the ‘Friends of St John The Baptist”. There will not be a refund, but all entries will be carried over until next year’s event.

Rules Version 1, Oct 30, 2021