Meet the Committee

Here are the people that make it all happen.
The Movers and Shakers
Between them they manage about 100 volunteers

Sam Samuel – Health & Safety, Exhibit Registrations

Main Contact for those entering their Classics for the show. Also keeps us on the straight and narrow where health and safety is concerned. Marshals the exhibits on show day morning and patrols the grounds in the afternoon scouting out iniquities. Avid Photographer.

Dik Hoogmoed – Chairman

Longstanding member of the team, webmaster, ex-marshal and now Chairman. Loves open top motoring. Doesn’t know the first thing about classic cars… You have been warned.

Mandy Schryver – Capel Fair

Long standing member of the Horticultural Society. Has been managing the Horticultural part of the show for longer than we can remember. Whips into shape everything and everyone to do with the Marquee and the Capel Fair.

Chris Hatton – Set-up/Breakdown Manager

Makes sure that setup and breakdown gets done in an orderly fashion. Lifelong classic and vintage car owner and enthusiast

Michael Schryver – Signage

Erector of signs and banners in and around the village prior to the show and on show day. Races classic cars and one of the longest standing members of the team.

Glenn Handley – Auto Jumble

A world away from his day time job, Glenn looks after the registration of stall holders and on the day the Auto Jumble area in general

Lee Robinson – Exhibits Marshal

Marshal Magician during show day. We will never understand how he manages to cram nearly 700 exhibits onto the show ground! Also responsible for Social Media and publicity. As a Rally Driver races his own Ford Fiesta.

Dave Walters – Programme Editor

Conjurer of the Show Programme and master of advertisement sales. To add: drone pilot and creator of the fantastic 4 minute videos

Norman Ede – Show Ground Manager

Background mover and shaker of Ede Bros fame. If it needs transporting – he is our man. Responsible for food stalls, and grounds maintenance on the day. You’ll see this illusionist scooting around on his quad bike, making rubbish disappear.

John Chilvers – Treasurer

Counter of the pounds and pence, keeper of books. Secure money transporter on show day. Ex-officio treasurer of the show through ‘the Friends’

Dineke van den Bogerd – Forecourt Traffic Wizard

It’s a big job to ensure that traffic in and out of the grounds happens a smoothly as possible. Dineke enjoys a puzzle challenge and then some……