Carbon Offsetting

We at the Capel Classic Car & Bike Show are becoming increasingly more conscious about the impact our lifestyles have on the environment. We are incredibly fortunate to live in a lush and green environment and that most of us have sufficient means to enjoy life and our surroundings in whatever way we choose. For the committee and the show exhibitors this is through the love for vehicles from a bygone era and our desire to preserve that piece of history.

It is therefore that we have decided to use some of the money raised to reduce the environmental impact of the show. There are many ways to do this. One of these is to ‘neutralise’ the Carbon Emissions caused by the classic exhibits. We do this through so-called Carbon Offsetting: we buy ‘credits’ in socially motivated projects in other parts of the world where a) our money goes further,  b) the type of project materially and positively impacts the standard of living of people.

We have engaged with CO2Balance, an organisation that is certified and has long experience with such projects.

2019 was the first year we did this and our efforts have been officially recognised. View our offsetting certificate here.

From the CO2balance website:

Cooking stove production in Ethiopia
Cooking stove production in Ethiopia

“Our Carbon Projects work with communities in developing countries to deploy a range of efficient technologies aimed at improving their quality of life, improving health and economic outcomes and reducing global emissions. Improved efficiency cook stoves reduce the need for firewood and the volume of harmful smoke the families are exposed to. Our community borehole projects provide clean, safe drinking water for hundreds of families as well as reducing carbon emissions as water no longer has to be boiled to make it safe to drink”

Moreover the projects are monitored and audited by the United Nations through the ‘Gold Standard‘ scheme.

We sincerely hope that you will support us in this important cause.